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On Tuesday 18th June, the I Meeting of Corporate Allies of UNICEF in the Valencian Community took place in Sercotel Sorolla Palace Hotel. We had the participation of 31 people, representatives from 21 companies and organization allied with UNICEF Valencian Community, among which was ISIDORA PERTUSA FOUNDATION.

It is vital for UNICEF to count on the support of the companies, because they can become real agents of social change. The Corporate Allies makes up a joint commitment aimed to the promotion of values of rights and social transformation, beyond the simple economic funding of UNICEF programmes.

 In this context, the occasion of the I Meeting of Allies last 18 June has been a priority of work for the Valencian Community Committee. The wish of sharing experiences and the existence of a forum where our allies get together, is essential to create strong relationships among us.

 The scope of the meeting was based on two pillars: fiscal accountability through our work and the participation of our allies. We talked about the joint commitment facing the problems that affect to childhood rights, since we understand the need for that commitment to achieve the challenges that we have set.

The meeting started with the intervention of UNICEF´s President in the Valencian Community, Nidita Guerrero, who welcomed every assistant and thanked the contribution that our allies make, which has been fundamental for UNICEF Spain to have achieved great challenges, specially throughout an economic crisis. In her speech, she emphasized the importance of the perspective of equity and how UNICEF is at the forefront of it, since we reach the most vulnerable children in any situation or place.

Nidita Guerrero also talked about the great work that UNICEF make with the governments, in Spain as well as the rest of countries which ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child to safeguard the compliance of their Rights and stated what distinguishes the allied organizations is that they are a fundamental pillar for the sustainability of our organization and an outstanding agent of spreading the message the childhood rights.

Afterwards, Carmen Molina, Director of Co-operation and Emergencies of UNICEF Spanish Committee, described the great impact that UNICEF Co-operation to Development makes on the life of millions of children in the field, since it is defined by the perspective of rights and equity of the Convention on the Rights of the Child of 1989, and it sets in programmes and projects that take care of children needs in an integral and transverse way, therefore its effect is sustainable and transforming. That is why, the private fund that allies provide are so important for the work of UNICEF in the areas of survival, education, protection and emergencies.

Subsequently, after a break where allies had the opportunity to get to know among them and exchange feelings, the meeting resumed with the intervention of Mª Teresa Martínez, Coordinator of the Committee, who based her intervention on sharing with the rest of assistants the achievements accomplished in 2012(like fiscal accountability and invest in transparency) and developed the challenges of UNICEF Spain in the future. She also explained to the assistants the perspective of models in Alliance that we want to accomplish, based on the shared strategy to promote the change, the commitment with the individuals, the communication and the economic contribution.

There was time as well to share new projects in which UNICEF Spanish Committee is working, such as: - meayudas.unicef.es; new platform of crowdfunding, that we expect to be a tool for action for the companies towards their employees.- Our work in RSC, with a manual of work that UNICEF will launch this year, will let us serve as guide and accompaniment to companies for implementing their plans of RSC.- Preview of autumn 2013 campaign, which will be focused on immunization, with the goal that there was no lack of vaccines for any child.

In the context of the spirit of sharing experiences of the meeting, the allies had also their chance to participate in person. Thus, Juan Vicente Tamarit, Director of Institutional Relationships of Grefusa, on behalf of Agustín Gregori, Managing Director of the company, told us about the satisfaction that means for the organization 10 years of collaboration with UNICEF, in the areas of Survival, Education and Emergencies, with the conviction of have contributed to improve the life of many children.

The meeting ended with a debate-colloquium where the allies highlighted the importance to hold these meetings, which are fundamental to establish bonds with other allies with common interests and approach to our work. Additionally, we shared initiatives through which we learnt some from others, exchanging experiences and good practices. It´s worth highlighting the participation of every of the assistants, that made proposals to keep the collaboration spirit created, and to continue sharing results and curiosities in new meetings.

Nidita Guerrero ended thanking everyone for their presence and for being allies with UNICEF.




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