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Isidora Pertusa Foundation participated on Tuesday October 30 at the Third Meeting of Partners of UNICEF.

Encuentro Aliados UNICEF 30.09.12

The Hotel Melia Castilla in Madrid hosted the meeting of organizations allied with UNICEF. The event that had the participation of more than one hundred representatives from over 60 companies and organizations allied with UNICEF among which was Isidora Pertusa Foundation.

Isidora Pertusa Foundation signed an agreement with College Educatio.

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Educatio College and the Isidora Pertusa Foundation signed a collaboration agreement. Isidora Pertusa Foundation is a non-profit, independent organization that works for children.Its mission is to improve the lives of the most vulnerable children who are in a disadvantaged position, The place of birth of a child, sex, age or religion should not influence in human rights.


The child mortality rate is one of the major indicators of poverty and the degree of development of a country.

10,6 Million children, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, die each year from avoidable causes before the age of 5.

Different governments as well as organizations, companies, private sector partners and Isidora Pertusa Foundation appeal to develop a global initiative in order to save the lives of these children.

Join our cause!

Let’s help them turn 5!


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