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Isidora Pertusa was born on April 4, 1916 in Villar del Humo (Cuenca) she was Vicente and Marceliana´s daughter.

At the age of 10, while Spain was plunged into an economical depression where rural areas were having a very difficult time, her family decided to send her to Valencia with her sister Valentina to work as a housemaid.

Years later she met Vincente Quiñonero and she got married to him. They only had one daughter, Carmen, which gave her a big family having twelve children.

At only 37 she became a widow and she never remarried. She decided to devote her life to her family and help her daughter to raise her grandchildren.

Isidora Pertusa Foundation dedicates its name to a great person with great values. Moreover she was a very warm person who gave her life for others and madly loved children.

She is the muse that will inspire us and will lead us and give us the strength that we will need in difficult times.

Antonio Zaragoza

President of FIP


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