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The Isidora Pertusa Foundation is composed of a board of professionals who have devoted their professional career to the nutrition and education fields, two areas that directly affect  children.

The main objective of the Foundation is to save lives and improve the quality of life of children in the world, performing in the poorest countries, helping to reduce child mortality and participating in child development.


Improving the lives of children who are in a disadvantaged position, working closely with leading international organizations to end hunger in the world and provide adequate education to provide all children with the same development opportunities.


Our vision is a world without hunger which prioritises equal rights for  children of all nations and in which the right to education becomes a reality.


Our values are based on the principles of equity, justice, integration, solidarity and commitment that form the basis of our work in children´s benefit. The place of birth of a child, sex, age or religion should not influence human rights.


Clearness and transparency is another important value for the Foundation.

FIP is funded by contributions from private partners raising funds which let us  fulfill our social purpose.

All under the most strict and rigorous control in the financing of the activities of the Foundation, guided by the principle of the Law of Transparency. It shows that  the Foundation will integrate an ethical, transparent and integrated  management system.


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Multiplica con Unicef - Entidad colaboradora
Fundacion Hazlo Posible
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