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Our proposals:

Sponsoring  projects

Your company can work with the Isidora Pertusa Foundation development program through a donation that will be destinated to food and education projects in progress.

Your company would obtain  interesting tax benefits through this partnership.

Take Action

IP Foundation brings you the possibility of developing a personalized social action plan for your company, participating in our projects. This option will allow you to increase the motivation of your employees, involving them in a common project and increasing productivity.

Making gifts

By donating gifts your organization contributes to fulfilling the dreams of thousands of children! Educating and nurturing brings happiness to millions of homes! Take Action Now!

Sponsoring an activity

Help us by sponsoring one of our events. In that way you will improve your image and  positioning and make a difference between competitors and community.

Organizing solidarity races, sports tournaments, Solidarity fairs, dinners and charity parades  will help the most disadvantaged children.

Making donations

Your organization can make a one-off or regular donation very easily. Your contribution will be directed to projects under development  in the countries where the Foundation works.

Providing services

If your company wants to colaborate by providing some kind of service, this is an increasingly popular option among many companies.

Your company works through the free provision of services: translations, web server space, presentation of an event,

Donating products

Your products or services, excess stock or office supplies can be very useful for us beacuase they will give the Foundation the chance to organize fundraising events and complete our projects achieving our social goals for childhood.


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