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Isidora Pertusa Foundation organizes all kinds of leisure activities: cultural, social and sports entertainment, for all audiences making your contribution a fun and memorable moment.

Supporting our events you will have fun, you would have a good time having the  satisfacion that our projects are focussed on children! Take Action!

The Foundation represents a powerful channel for children's integration and development.

Creating educational activities and workshops we motivate children to participate actively in our projects teaching them to relate to tolerance and equity.




Social events

Isidora Foundation organizes several social events where we present our projects to our partners, friends, family and friends of our partners as well as to anyone who is interested in assisting or who just wants to have fun.

We collaborate with numerous companies from the catering sector and the entertainment  sector, therefore  the dinners and the events we organize are characterized by the high quality and professionalism of the services we offer.


Cultural events

Children are the most important people for Isidora Pertusa  Foundation. Therefore, they are the stars! We carry different pedagogical playful and fun activities to transmit our values of solidarity, tolerance, multiculturalism and social integration.

The opinion of children is very  important to the Foundation. Be inspired and let your children participate in our children's fairs where princes and princesses vibrate with our animations, games solidarity, Bubbling days, etc...


Sport events

Sport is inclusive and encourages communication between humans. It also promotes the values of teamwork, unity, trust, solidarity and integrity.

This task is very important for FIP! solidarity races, paddle tournaments, soccer and many more activities are waiting for you to join us! Check our calendar of sporting events!


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